May 22, 2022

10 Common Word Press Errors and Solutions To Fix Them

Word press errors are triggered due to several types of reasons. It’s quite annoying because unlike many common word press errors the internal server error does not tell you what you need to fix.

If you don’t diagnose and troubleshooter them quickly it can cause serious damages to your business.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss about 10 common word press error and how to fix them.

1) The white screen of death –

This error in word press determines that there is no display of information on the screen and it’s a bit tricky or we can say difficult to trouble shoot this error. The main reasons of occurring this error are-

  1. a) Caching issues- Sometimes the problems exist only for you. Just by clearing the cache for the particular website through on your browser can do the trick.
  2. b) Server unavailability – Sometimes, you see the white screen of death on your word press site due to an unavailable server. You can check this by running a test on an online tool like

Is this website down

  1. c) Corrupted themes and plugins- Faulty themes and plugins can also cause word press error. For this you need to disable all the plugins and if you notice that the error is gone than reactivate them simultaneously.
  2. d) Memory exhaustion – If the above mentioned methods don’t fix the white screen of death error than it is possible that you don’t have enough memory for proper execution of Php. This can be solved by increasing through wp.config.php.

2) Syntax error- There is no defined method for fixing the syntax error. These errors mostly occur due to the developer’s mistake. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to refer the log file. You can also enable debug mode inside Word Press .

Similarly, you can also use debugging tools like

  • Js fiddle
  • Js bin
  • cloud 9 etc.


3) 500 internal server error-  An internal server error can occur due to several reasons. Usually it occurs due to bad themes or plugin files or due to a corrupt .htaccess file.

Troubleshooting this problem is simple. You need to simply log in to your file manager if you are using cpanel,hosting, or access your word press file using an Ftp client. Rename the hta.access. After renaming it, try getting back to your site and if you succeed, then you have fixed the error.


4) Error establishing the database error –  As simply the names defines this error mainly occurs when the server is unable to establish a connection with your Word Press site’s database. This error can be caused due to following reasons-

  1. Incorrect database credentials
  2. Unresponsive database server.
  3. Corrupt database.

Before fixing this problem just firstly check front end and back end of your Word Press. Of you are able to access then first thing you should do to resolve this problem is to repair the database. Simple add following line code in your  wp.config.php file. define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’ : true);

Save the file and upload it back to the server . click on the Repair database to initiate process to window. Once the database is repaired then revisit your word press site that if the error is gone or not.

5) Image upload issue-  Sometimes word press doesn’t let you to upload the image from the backend which occurs due to inaccurate directory. Fixing this is simple as well.

Access your Word Press website folder using Ftp. Go to wp-content- upload- file permission . This will open new window where you need to specify the right file permissions value.

Iput the value of 744 for the upload directory and all the sub directions within and apply changes to save new direction.

6) 403 forbidden error- This error might be occur when the specific page may not get the permission from the server. It doesn’t allow the page to display it’s content. This may be fix by firstly trying to deactivating all the plugins. If the error is gone then reactivate them one by one.

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Next you can also fix it by updating permalinks inside your Word Press.

7) Mixed content error in Word Press-

This error doesn’t stop your Word Press site but when you inspect the site inside chrome or other testing tool it will show the mixed content error. This mainly occurs when your page contains both http and https content.

This can easily be fixed by plugin. Log in to the Word Press dashboard and download really simple SSL plugin. Install and activate plugin to troubleshoot the problem of mixed content error.

8) Locked out from the Word Press admin-

If you facing problem in accessing the Word Press admin area then you need to check for series of issues.

Just firstly check for password. if you are certain about the password and are still unable to login then try resetting it . If you are not getting the message for resetting the password, it might be possible that someone has changed it and now you need to reset it by using phpMyAdmin.

9) Connection timed out – This error occurs mainly when your website is unable to respond to your request after trying many times. This also occurs by unavailability of server resources.

It is highly recommended that you choose highly optimized Word Press hosting if you are serious about performance of your website and if you want to avoid errors like connection timed out.

10) 502 Bad gateway error- Last but not the least, sometimes when you browse a website you see screen showing 502 bad gateway errors. It happens when server is unable to respond or takes too long to respond to the user’s request. The server will get unresponsive and slow due to various reasons like memory, low resource allocation etc.

You can troubleshoot this error by clearing the browser cache.

Similarly, you need to upadte the themes and plugins. You can either do this through cPanel or Ftp. If you are syill facing the issue you need to check WordPress theme.


Quick overview if all the WordPress errors-

  • The white screen of death
  • Syntax error
  • 500 internal server error
  • Error establishing the database error
  • Image upload issue
  • 403 forbidden error
  • Mixed content error in WordPress
  • Locked out from the WordPress admin
  • Connection timed out
  • 502 Bad gateway error

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