May 22, 2022

About Us

FedexTec launched in 2020, and it is primarily a technology blog, where you can find diversified how-to guides and apps related to Windows, Android, Internet, iOS, Mac, Social Media, etc. This website’s archetypal motto is to help non-tech savvy people as much as possible with naive tutorials.

We spend a considerable amount of time to find the problems people are getting so that we can provide the solution. As a user or victim of a problem, you can utilize this website to troubleshoot your problem related to any OS or app, or social media.

We accept paid reviews on, and we mainly accept software related to Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. We accept Web Tools, but your tool should qualify our editorial team’s guidelines.

What is our moto?

‘Fedextex‘ launched in 2021, is basically a technology blog based on latest technology updates and evergreen tech-tips. This website covers various topics related to Computer/PC, Mobile devices, different major OS like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, some important and useful web tools, software etc.

FedexTec – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some FAQ about this website.

Q: What is ‘FedexTec’?

A: ‘FedexTec’, founded in 2021 is a website where you will find How-to-guides, Software reviews, Windows tutorial, Android news, Tech based video tutorials etc. We regularly work on geeky things and share our experience online that you never knew before.

Q: Who is the Author of this website?

A: The site is now live for the passionate and professional approach of Mithun. He is the only writer of this website.

Q: What Platform do You Use to Run the Blog?

A: The site is hosted on a self-hosted WordPress platform.

Q: How Do I Subscribe to ‘Tech Period’?

A: You can follow our RSS Feed and Free Newsletter Subscription.

Q: I Need Some Help from You and I have a Question. How do I Contact You?

A: You can send me an email at Or you can use our Contact Us section. In case of very urgency, you can contact me at my mobile no. is –

Q: Can I Publish Your Article in my Blog or Website?

A: No. You can’t publish any part of our published article anywhere without giving any credit. Either you need prior permission from us. See our Copyright Policy for details.

Q: Can I Advertise My Product on Your Blog?

A: You can contact us at for this.