May 22, 2022

How to Enable Developer Options on Android 11

Debugging Issues In Android 11

Android has launched its 11 version and as usual, it has bugs. Well, this is common at the beginning of an android version. And this time it is more prevalent because they are allowing many phones to simply upgrade their android versions from Android 10 to Android 11. However, there are some fixes to the common issues. I really hope this article will help you find your problem and the solution to it.

Fix Reboot Issue How to Enable Developer Options on Android 11

This bug is very irritating since the mobile phone reboots or restarts on its own. This sometimes happens to old phones due to RAM overload or unstable UI. But in the recent Android 11, it seems to happen with most users following a problem with a specific application.

  • You should notice which app might be causing the problems. “Light Flow Legacy” is the app that has caused most of the crashes so far. Simply deleting the application that is causing these problems will solve the issue.
  • Check if there are any other abnormalities of the phone. This problem may also occur because of a virus. Use a highly rated or paid antivirus app to flush out the virus.

Speakers and microphones are not working

Some users have complained about their speaker and microphones not working during the call on Pixel devices. Now, this is a very peculiar problem.

  • Simply restart the phone and then try using the speaker and microphones.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try to reset the factory.

Cannot use Multitasking

The multitasking option doesn’t seem to work. Most users don’t find this bug all the time though.

  • Lock and unlock the phone. This solves the problem most of the time.
  • Or you can try rebooting the system. That should keep the problem at bay for some time. It’ll occur again unless an android patch update comes for it.

The Spotify Issue

Both Android and Spotify know about this problem but they haven’t been able to solve this yet. The music stops playing as soon as the device is turned off or the app is exited. This can sometimes be solved with the following steps:

Step 1- Go to the Settings. Then go to Applications. Then click Spotify.

Step 2- Cleat the cache, data, and force close the app. If still, it doesn’t work then follow step 3.

`        Step- 3- Uninstall and then install the app from the Google Play store again. If still, it doesn’t work, follow step 4.

Step 4- Go to Spotify and then go to Settings and look for the option “Device emission status”.  Turn it on.

Heating issue

This is a very common problem that occurred to people who updated their Android versions, especially the beta version users. The phone heats unnaturally after upgrading the version. Any kind of usage heats the phone in an unlikely manner.

  • This issue usually goes away after one or two days. Sometimes the phone becomes normal again after a few minutes or hours.
  • Simply let your phone rest in its new android version. Try not to overuse the phone.
  • Go to Settings> Advanced> Process Manager>Deep clean to reduce the load on the processor and RAM.

Battery Draining issue

Many android 11 users have found out that their battery is draining fast even when they are not using the device. Some have found the battery to be fully drained by an hour.

  • Go to Settings> Advanced> Process Manager>Deep clean.
  • Some apps may be running in the background. And since the new version of Android is not stable for every device and app, some apps may act abnormally with this version of the OS. So, check the apps that are draining the battery most. Force shut down such apps and see if the battery gets drained as much as before.

Apps Crashes on its Own

As said before, the android version may be unstable with some devices and apps. This will take some time to patch up. Till then what you can do is:

  • Clean the  RAM more often.
  • Clean cache.
  • Check for viruses with trusted anti-virus software.
  • Clean the recent apps bar.

Reset device to clean the system

Do a Factory Data Reset over your phone to clean the unnecessary caches which might be causing your device to lag and have problems. Sometimes a highly stuffed ROM causes many issues.

  • Go to Settings>Backup and reset> Factory Data Reset


These were some common issues found in the new android 11. Most of these
issues would get solved in a few days or months along with android patch updates. Till then, hope you will benefit from the solutions that we provided

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