May 22, 2022

How to make windows 11 optimize in 2021

How to make your Windows 11 optimized in 2021, and play games or browse online smoothly? Well in today’s article you’ll learn the fact that will help you to make your windows 11 more optimized and fast.


Since the Tech Giant launched Windows 11, it has paid special attention to Gaming. Windows 11 is upgraded and comes with new features like Auto HDR and Direct Storage that created an expectation for Gamers to get better and smooth performance. At the launch event of Windows 11, Sarah Bond the vice president of XBOX mentioned that this will be the best PC gaming experience yet.


 Optimize Windows 11 on your PC for Gaming in 2021 

In Windows 11 there’s a dedicated Gaming tab,

  1. Click on the Start Menu icon to open Settings.
  2. On the left sidebar ⇨ navigate to Gaming ➤ Game Mode.
  3. And on the Game Mode screen, turn on the toggle.

These options are more likely or expected to be the best option to optimize your Gaming experience. 

Use Softwares for Nvidia and AMD GPUs

To get the most FPS in every game, use the CMD in Windows 11 software, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, and AMD’s Radeon Software. Both of the software’s are downloadable from Nvidia and AMD’s websites.

What’s the use of this software? Well, this software will help you to tweak the graphics settings per game and adjust GPU performance. Tweaking Graphics could get you the most FPS in every game.

Using The Auto HDR Feature

The company is really proud of its Auto HDR feature. It is one of the newly announced systems that comes with Windows 11. The HDR feature is more likely to improve and make the colors of a game more vibrant on HDR-supported displays.

The only way to tell the difference between SDR and HDR is if you have a monitor that supports HDR.

Use Per-App GPU Selection Settings

A gaming laptop has two GPU’s, 

  • iGPU (integrated GPU) 
  •  A GPU (dedicated GPU).

 In Windows, you can choose which app uses which GPU.

  1. Start Menu icon ➤ Settings.
  2. From the left sidebar, go to Gaming ➤ Game Mode.
  3. Related Settings, ➤ Graphics.

 On the Graphics Performance page, you are able to choose the GPU for your apps and “add new apps” to the list. Windows default system automatically assigns a GPU to each app. However, you can change it manually. Applications that do not require graphics performance should be assigned power-saving options and high-performance options for games and GPU-centric apps.

 Speed up Windows 11 on your Computer for Better Performance

To speed up your computer and run Windows 11 smoothly you’ll need to follow below methods:

Turn Off Visual Effects

In Windows, you can select the settings you want to use for the performance and appearance of your computer.

 1: Go to the search box and type advanced, then click View advanced system settings.

 2: On the Performance section click Settings.

 3: select Adjust for best performance and in custom ⇨ select Show thumbnails instead of icons, and Smooth edges of screen fonts.

 4: Click Apply, after successfully applying, this setting will be helpful in reducing some visual effects just so your Windows 11 computer can run faster without any lag.

Disable Startup Apps

 1: On Keyboard, Press Win+I to open Settings and choose Apps from the left sidebar.

 2: Then Click Startup and disable the toggle for apps that you don’t want to run at startup.

Activate Storage Sense

 1: Windows icon ➤ chooses Settings.

 2: Go to System ➤ Storage ➤ turn on Storage Sense.

 3: Configure the cleaning schedule in the Storage Sense interface.

Turn Off Notifications

 1: Open Windows Settings ➤ go to System ➤ Notifications.

 2: Turn off notifications from unnecessary apps. (Remember: do not disable notifications for important apps.)

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Windows 11 running Slow? What’s the solution?

Is Windows 11 running too slow on your computer? It may be because of your hardware. If your hardware is too old to maintain the performance of your computer, your windows 11 will get slow. The only way to optimize your Windows 11 is to change some new components of your hardware, it will be a big help, such as an SSD hard drive, more memory.

Windows 11 has built-in optimization options. 

Open file explorer ➤ “More” icon on top nav, You will see Cleanup and Optimize.

Windows 11 Cleanup helps you to find and remove all the junk files.


On the other hand, in the Optimize option, you will be able to optimize hard drive partitions easily. Set a schedule optimization, and you don’t have to pay attention to Windows 11 optimization again in the future, the Optimizing will run automatically for you to speed up Windows 11.


These were some of the tricks to help you boost Windows 11 on your computer to get a better experience of Windows 11. For more details like this one stay tuned with us.

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