May 22, 2022
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Major Trends in HR Software Technology in 2021

HR Software! The core purpose of human resources is managing people, but that does not mean you need to do everything manually. Technology trends are continuously evolving to make your business work process more quick, efficient, and accurate. Business HR leaders are embracing the digital revolution in their process to enhance their productivity.

Major Trends in HR Software Technology in 2021

The HR software is a robust technology that has all the features to simplify your work and manage; the resources efficiently. Business HR leaders are witnessing the use of artificial intelligence and automation in their processes. In this blog, we will cover the top 7 tech trends in the HR sector in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence:

As a result, Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary tool for the human resource department. The best HR software with AI will help the business owners to attract the best talent and gather their resumes. Artificial intelligence will help business HR leaders to understand the job requirements in depth. Additionally, it helps to screen the received resumes and filter the best ones that match the job description. Artificial intelligence in the HR system will help evaluate the candidate based on experience, skillsets, and other aspects.


Chatbots are an application of artificial intelligence and are revolutionizing the business space. Artificially intelligent chatbots are capable; of interacting with the user, understanding their queries, and replying to them with an appropriate solution. The best HR software will have a chatbot integrated to reduce the work burden on the human resource department. Because; these chatbots answer the employee queries and resolve their grievances. Just in case, if the query or grievance is beyond its capacity employees can raise a request through the chatbot. The chatbot will understand the magnitude of the concern and transfer the request to the concerned person to resolve. The workforce can raise leave and attendance regularization requests through the chatbot. It will help the new hires to understand their future process and update; about their interviews through the chatbot.

Cloud-based operations:

The workforce today is globally present, and most of them are still working remotely. For this reason, business leaders need cloud-based HR software to centralize the operation irrespective of the resource location. Cloud-based operations are the new normal, and already the market is booming like anything. The business owners that use on-premises HR software have already migrated to cloud servers or are planning to migrate in the future. Cloud-based operations will give your entire workforce an accurate, real-time update to increase transparency. This tech trend will help businesses manage, automate and execute the entire HR operations on a single platform.

HR analytics:

Industry 4.0 has made data the new gold that businesses can make the most out of. Hence business owners need to save, track and maintain data efficiently to make strategic changes in the business process. As a result,  The best human resource software will have AI integrated into the system to evaluate the data. Analytics will help businesses to get a real-time accurate analysis of their performance. As a result, business leaders can make strategic changes in the business process based on data to enrich the productivity of their workforce.

As a result, HR analytics will help you to understand the challenges in your business; so that you can make necessary changes in your process. Additionally, the best HRMS will help business leaders to understand the manual task which your workforce spends the majority of their time on. As a result, business owners can design an algorithm to automate such tasks and reduce the work burden on the team.

Enhanced cybersecurity:

The human resource department deals with sensitive and confidential information about your workforce and organization. It is crucial to keep the information secure from fraudsters and unauthorized people to avoid misuse of the data. As a result, the business HR leaders are focusing on tech trends; that help to enhance their cybersecurity efforts. The best human resource software will have the best cybersecurity enabled within the system to keep your data safe and secure.

Employee wellness and performance management:

Since the start of the recent pandemic, the population has witnessed tremendous changes very soon. It was a challenging task for the people to accept the change and inculcate on their behavior. Additionally, the global situation has taken a huge emotional toll on the population, which they had to cope up with. The human resource department needs to manage the well-being of the workforce to ensure productivity. The top HR software vendors are exploring the possibilities of tracking the wellbeing of the workforce through the system.


As a result, Blockchain is a revolutionary tech trend that has a tremendous impact on the financial sector. The business HR leaders are exploring the possibilities of the blockchain in their processes to make the most out of it. Blockchain is a system built on blocks each block has multiple transactions stored. As a result, Each employee can have a unique block, with a set of previous experiences, skills, and other details that are already verified. Blockchain help to increase transparency and make the onboarding verification process easier.

Conclusion: Major Trends in HR Software Technology in 2021

The human resource department is an essential team that drives the most of your workforce and motivates them to do their best. As a result, HR leaders need to track tech trends in their sector, which helps them simplify their duties. Technology Counter is the fastest-growing software recommendation platform that helps businesses make the right tech decisions based on their needs and budget.

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