May 22, 2022

What Is Artificial Intelligence with 5 real life examples?

AI technology or Artificial intelligence is not an unconventional word to us. Nowadays, we all may have heard of this or have used this technology once. In fact, at the present time, we are somehow connected or using AI technology in our daily lives. 


What IS AI – igence so that they can do things that only a human can do. However, AI enhanced machines will be able to complete tasks a lot faster than a normal human. AI focuses on reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness to improve the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts.


Nowadays, investors are more concerned with investing their money in artificial intelligence, with scientists claiming that the world could become easier for humans through artificial intelligence technology.


A general misconception of people is that they think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for building robots and supercomputers, though that’s not the fact. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of a rational person’s behaviors and decisions added in machines that can solve our daily problems with ease. It simulates the actions and decisions of a human being to make our every day tasks manageable. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future for any industry that heavily depend on technologies. Then, why do people not see the use of AI directly? Because of its deep integration into the machines.

Here are the top 5 examples of AI to understand it better: 


1. Social Media Moderation and Management  

Let’s start with social media because we all spend the most time with it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and many other social media channels use AI for ad recommendations, visual identifications, affiliate marketing, job recommendations, and much more. Social media moderation is also a necessary task of AI.


2. Digital Assistant  

Do you own an Android or an iPhone? Either way, you’re familiar with smart digital assistants, Google Assistant or Siri. These virtual assistants use AI and machine learning to understand what a user performs regularly and recommend tasks such as: taking a short-cut route on the way to the office, suggesting similar songs to what the user is already listening to, or an alarm for work and many more. 


3. Self-Driving Automobiles

Have you heard of Tesla? They are the pioneers of AI integration to road vehicles that opened a wide array of opportunities. Algorithms and neural networks work to understand the trajectories and the way around to the obstacles. Automobile companies are using AI in their cars so that the drivers can sit back and relax while the cars drive automatically.


4. Streaming Services

Netflix has brought a new era of home video experience with state-of-the-art technologies and a mountain of shows, movies to watch. They have made billions just by using AI. How? By studying the users’ behaviors and preferences. They recommend shows and movies according to previous watch experience and taste that entices you to choose that option. Their personalized content and thumbnail are the work of AI and machine learning. 


5. Writing Assistance Tools

 If you are a content writer, then you must have heard of Grammarly. Grammarly uses AI-enabled algorithms to cross-check your paper for correction or plagiarism. These writing assistance tools use Machine learning and AI to help the users to write with more cohesiveness and fluidity.

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Impact of AI technology on workers in the industrial sector


It is not mentioned how AI technology will be included in our daily life in near the future. However, it is expected that in the future, the use of artificial intelligence may greatly reduce the number of people working in the industrial sector. Even now, many industries have started using AI technology which has left many workers unemployed. It goes like this, “Where once many workers were needed, workers are no longer hired”. In many sectors of the industry, manpower has been replaced by AI technology.

In fact, some estimate that AI will replace 30% of the world’s workforce by 2030. According to Elon musk, The whole world will be a takeover by Artificial intelligence by 2025. If this really happens, then there will be a huge change in our economy.

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