May 22, 2022

What is the best CCTV system for your Home and workplace security

Cctv cameras are the best option for you to stay safe from thieves or to have live proof of something. 

From the first appearance of CCTV cameras in our life, it has been widely accepted. Many people use this to stay updated on their shop or some people even use a CCTV camera to spy on their spouse or someone. In any case, using a CCTV camera security system at your home or shop or somewhere else is the best option you have. So in this article you will know some of the best cctv systems you can use at your home or workplace, but before starting lets know what a cctv camera actually is.


CCTV Camera

The complete form of CCTV camera is a close-circuit television camera, also known as video surveillance. The main function of a CCTV camera is to show you the live movement of a specific area that you want to cover through your monitor. Mankind developed cctv cameras for many uses and one of the main reasons that cctv cameras were developed was to track movements near the military base. But as soon as it was available for locals, many people started to use CCTV cameras to spy on someone or to stay updated on the workplace. Many people even use CCTV camera footage as the live proof and solve many cases. 


Best CCTV camera system; 

Here are some of the best CCTV camera system to use at your home or workplace:

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1. Amcrest Video security system: 

Amcrest Video security system provides you higher resolution and more storage with Expandable storage, USB backup, High resolution, 30-day money-back guarantee, Lifetime support and 1-year warranty.


Why is Amcrest Video one of the best systems? 

Amcrest’s security system is on the top of this list for some reason. Amcrest’s security system has higher resolution with wide storage from 1TB to 8TB. However, it has fewer channels than some competitors, the price is still affordable.

2. Annke Home Security camera system

It is the most popular camera system that made it to this list. It is Easy to install and use, Long night vision range, Lifetime email support and 90-day money-back guarantee.It has eight different channels and a 100-foot night vision range while still being the cheapest option of this list


Why should you use this?

Just based on Amazon’s positive reviews, you would want to buy this, especially if you want the eight channels but don’t need a ton of storage. People love this Annke Home Security system a lot. Annke’s CCTV system records in 1080p HD resolution. Though It’s not quite as good as Amcrest, it looks crisp in customer clips. Plus, Annke has an entire hundred feet of night vision. Similar to the Amcrest system, Annke has a TB of video storage on the hard drive.The customer service of Annke rocks! However, The product is very user-friendly and easy to install, so you might not have to use the lifetime support.


3. Arlo Pro 3

In the Top 3 we have The Arlo Pro 3. It is a wireless indoor/outdoor camera system that delivers outstanding 2K quality video. It is enhanced with awesome features such as an integrated spotlight and siren, smart motion detection, color night vision, and an ultra-wide field of view. You cannot resist the Excellent 2K HDR video and Wireless with Integrated spotlight Intelligent motion detection capability function. It has Color night vision and it also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Very easy to install.


4.TP LINK Tapo C310 Outdoor Security Camera

In top 4 we have the link tapo c310 on the list. It is cheap and comes with advanced features. Easy to afford for users who want to secure their workshop or home from night thieves. It’s not the highest resolution camera on the list but surely it is the best option for you to use. It is enhanced with Ultra-high-definition video that helps to record every image in crystal-clear 3MP definition.


You can use it as both Wired and wireless options are available for the networking system. Your camera should be connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi for a more flexible installation.


It is also advanced with the capability to record night vision footage. The visual distance is up to 98 ft (30m) even in total darkness.

Not to say that the Motion detection and notifications are also outstanding. The system notifies you when the camera detects movement.

The sound and light alarm becomes very useful against thieves. You just have to trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.

The Two-way audio system helps you to enable communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.


5.GOOGLE Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

How i can not put this Google nest cam iq indoor security camera on my Top5 list. Everything about this CCTV camera excites me.

I mean you are able to monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet and it also works with Amazon, Alexa and Google Assistant. 


It is also enabled with Two-way audio communication and it records visuals of Full HD 1080p. The customers’ reviews are green signals that you should enhance your home or workplace with this CCTV system. After-all you’re getting a crystal clear view of everything that this camera records. It has a 4K HDR image sensor to record a high resolution footage. 

Also not only a High-quality footage but also it comes with night vision so you always have a clear image.


You are able to receive notifications from the app and communicate with people. And it is advanced with Data encryption that protects your video and audio. And the Nest Aware subscription service is for additional functionality.

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